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To appear in the 2023 printed Downtown Warren walking map:

  1. Choose your marker option in the form below: $75 for a downtown (walkable) placement OR $25 for an off-map listing (folks will likely need to drive to your location).
  2. Choose your listing category.
  3. Include your preferred contact information: your business name as you want it to appear on the map, a description of your business in fewer than 10 words, and social media and website links.

If you prefer a CASH or CHECK payment, it can be made in person at DISH or by mail. Make the check out to Discover Warren and send it to Discover Warren c/o DISH 155 Water Street, Warren, RI, 02885 and include the information in steps 1-3 above. 

NOTE:  Reservations for the printed map are available only for brick & mortar destinations with hours of operation. Free website listings, however, are open to entities like artist studios that don’t have regular public open hours.

Free Website Listing

For a free website-only listing (or to update a current listing):

  1. Gather your information: business name, street address, contact info, social media, and website links.
  2. Email this info along with three high-resolution photos (professional photos in a landscape orientation work best) to

NOTE:  This is for the website only (no printed map). No purchase is necessary. We will publish your listing as soon as possible.

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