Crap on a Stick! Father’s Day is Tomorrow?!

I know this day creeps up on you too. And if your dad is like my dad, then oof, this gift is a rough one. Don’t bother asking what he may like, you’ll get the old “I don’t need anything…just a visit would be nice…please, nothing, God in heaven, don’t make me anything!”

So here we are. Father’s Day is tomorrow and despite the protesting the first, most important man in your life deserves some kind of trinket, no?

And since it is a near-impossible job, you put it off until the day before. Good idea. No problem, though. I foresaw this possibility and took a little walk around town, chatting up the local shopkeep to get some ready-to-go gifts. Hope this helps.

Dapper Dads

There are always ties! Muse has eco-friendly microfiber options that are silk-screened with interesting graphics. The two featured designs are beer hops and absinthe which could be truly appropriate for the beer-aficionado or the bohemian dad.

Formal party ties

The Wooden Midshipman offers handmade wool and cotton ties in more subdued patterns. Either way, let’s move away from the atrocious paisley and vomit patterns and get the men in our lives looking better. If you don’t buy them horrible ties, they don’t have to wear them. And moms, why not get dads what they really want for Father’s Day?

Not many men wear cufflinks today. Of course we have become a more casual society and therefore men are not wearing suits and ties or even shaving in the militant way they did in previous generations. This is not a lamentation; I love my guy’s scruff and a suit every day would seem rather stuffy to me. However, I do lament the falling away of the details, including cufflinks (and handkerchiefs, but that is for another time). These small pieces of jewelry are an elegant way for a man to adorn himself when dressing up. Why not surprise your stylish father with a pair of cufflinks and let him know its ok to be the most stylish man in the office.

Another option for the refined man is a shaving kit from The Greenery. To be persuaded on the luxuries of toiletries, read this post from Roger Ebert. Scroll down a bit to get to the shaving part. The all natural soap with lather brush is your most affordable option, so best for the budget-minded.

Foodie Dads

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Actually the way to anyone’s heart is through their stomach, right? Taken literally, kind of a gory statement, don’t you think? Anyhow.

Lots of options for the dad who likes his chow. Of course, you can take him to lunch/brunch/dinner tomorrow (yes, you have to treat) to any of our fine establishments. Sunnyside, Blount Clam Shack, Trafford’s (285 Water St and brand spanking new!), Stella Blue’s, Tinker’s Nest for the Celtically inclined, Admiral Pub or Tav Vino. Gift certificates work too.

Serve up dad some delicious sushi on a set from local potter John Boland available from The Greenery or a selection of cheese on a cheese board from local artisan O&G available at The Wooden Midshipman.

You can’t go wrong with coffee and chocolates, so maybe a gift certificate to The Coffee Depot for some beans and Garrison Confections from The Greenery?

And let’s face it, most dads straight up need a drink sometimes. You can either get him a bottle of something or other from one of our spirit shops, take him out for a cold one, or grab him some paraphernalia if you are not of age. The Wooden Midshipman has you covered there. The mermaid bottle opener is a favorite!

Rockin’ Dads

Music is such an easy way to bridge the generation gap…sometimes. There is this great moment when you realize that the music your parents listen to is actually good. And now you have another thing (or, finally, something) to talk about. If this applies to you, then why not get your dad a music-themed gift? The folks at In Your Ear on Main Street are super helpful at finding something for your dad.

How about a 1973 Fender Bandmaster Reverb Amp? Fully remastered, ready to go with speaker cabinet! It could totally make up for that dent you put in his car back in the day.

Or an 8 track player with an array of his favorites ON 8 TRACK! A bit more affordable than the amp and has a great nostalgic flair to it.

Turntables are a great choice for the hipster dad and the older dad as a throwback and IYE has a few to choose from as well as a massive amount of vinyl. Does your dad have this Styx record? I didn’t think so.

Why not return the favor of all the lessons your dad paid for you to get and get him a gift certificate for drum lessons? Or guitar, bass or piano? Sounds like fun and you could turn the tables and tell him he can’t go out until he practices for 20 minutes! Nothing like exacting a little revenge when giving a present.

On top of the unique equipment, In Your Ear also has CDs, box sets, rare recordings, and books that will appeal to the audiophile. With expert staff that are happy to spend time picking out the perfect gift and a return policy you can actually use (unlike Best Buy or other major chains), this is the place to buy your music.

New Dads

For those guys that are new to the game, they probably mostly want a nap. But maybe they would also like a diaper bag that is not pink? Try Luca Boutique on Water St. You’ll find a collection of man-friendly bags that can hold diapers both new and old. It is a consignment shop so hooray for the wallet!

Pop in to find other delights for the new dad including books and baby-friendly hiking equipment.

I hope this got you out of a bind. Remember, in the end it truly is the thought that counts. Sometimes the best present can be a heartfelt note. Happy Father’s Day everyone.

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