By E.A. Mann

Advanced Moves shines a light on the smaller, lesser-known joys of living in Warren.


For almost ten years I’ve lived down the street from Belcher’s Cove. In a realty listing, I would surely lie and say that I have a water view. Which I do…if I open my upstairs front window and lean out a bit.

But despite this panoramic oceanfront view, for years I never knew how to actually get to the cove. The strip of Market Street I live near doesn’t have any public access that I know of, and trespassing isn’t in my plans. One early summer night, with the sun setting and the cove smooth as glass, I saw a kayaker calmly paddling around. I grabbed my wife, pointed toward the kayaker and said, “I want to be that guy!”

The cove from near my house. So close, yet so far!

The cove from near my house. So close, yet so far!


Eventually I found my way to John Pesce Memorial Park, a calm spot to watch the water or drop in a kayak. From here, you can paddle right until you hit Market Street or go left as far as Swansea. You’ll rarely see another boat. For bonus points, find the small island twenty minutes north of Pesce Park, land your boat and pretend you’ve been stranded at sea. The island is a hundred or so feet across with a few trees and traces of illicit high school drinking. Ah, memories.

The boat launch at Pesce Park

The boat launch at Pesce Park

Your seafaring complete, stop in at the German American Club that abuts the park. This gem might own the best piece of real estate in Warren. It’s a private club, but be nice to the members (read: buy them drinks) and they may sign you in as a guest. And don’t worry about your lack of German blood; this full-blooded Italian was welcomed with open arms. After a half an hour there, you’ll be asking everyone in view how to become a member.

I took my first few trips with a kayak I rented from Steve’s Marine (this could be its own post) but I’ve since bought my own inexpensive vessel which I’ve christened The Ocean State Job Yacht. I’m ashamed it took me eight years of living in Warren before I went out on the water. I can’t recommend it highly enough. If you see me at Pesce Park with your own boat, give me a wave. I’ll show you the island.

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